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Spice Of Life TV is a youth digital media program developed to improve a child’s confidence, self-worth and participation from the middle years of primary through to the high school years. The program promotes 21st century learning through increased ICT, literacy and critical and creative thinking skills. 

About Us


Lip Sync Battles


Performing in front of a large audience.



Students get the chance the interview staff friends or family.

Munno Para TV - Lip Sync Heats (Greatest Show)

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SOL TV Resume

Camp Vega Summer Camp

Address: 317 Echo Lake Rd, Fayette, ME 04349, USA

Daily vlogs and running SOL TV Digital Media course for girls aged 8-15 years old

May 29th-August 11th, 2018


Munno Para Primary School

Address: Maltarra Rd, Munno Para SA 5115

10 Week SOL TV Module